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March 29, 2023

Upgrade to the New Cyzmic® Synergized

CSI Production Animal Has A New Solution For You– Cyzmic Synergized 

Have you ever noticed that your favorite insecticides just don’t deliver the results that they used to? CSI has the solution for you! Introducing the new Cyzmic Synergized. Cyzmic Synergized is a microencapsulated formulation containing the pyrethroid insecticide lambda-cyhalothrin and the synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO) labeled for the control of beetles, flies, and other pests in and around livestock and poultry housing.

Insects can be difficult to manage on farms. You have an established pest population that you repeatedly treat with pesticides. Continued use of the same insecticide class for too long may lead to resistant insect populations. This can happen when some of the insects metabolize (detoxify) the insecticide. These surviving insects reproduce, and the next generation will be more tolerant or resistant to this insecticide class. This process is known as metabolic resistance. However, this type of resistance can be combated using the synergist PBO. Cyzmic Synergized contains PBO which reduces insects’ ability to metabolize insecticides!CYZMIC_SYNERGIZED_CTA

The maximum application rate of Cyzmic Synergized delivers twice the amount of lambda-cyhalothrin as Cyzmic® CS and most other lambda-cyhalothrin products. Cyzmic Synergized also gives the end users flexibility to choose which Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) class/mode of action to tank mix. IGRs are an important part of an integrated pest management program. Their modes of action prevent immature insects from becoming reproductive adults. However, just like neurotoxic insecticides, IGR classes/modes of action need to be rotated in order to maintain efficacy. Cyzmic Synergized allows you to choose which IGR class/mode of action you need to tank mix based on your rotation.


Ultimately, Cyzmic Synergized preserves the pyrethroid class as an effective option for insecticide rotations.

Danny McDonald, Ph.D.

Danny McDonald, Ph.D. Tech Services Manager, Animal Health

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