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Brown Patch

Brown patch is one of the most common turf diseases affecting cool-season grasses, appearing as burnt-looking patches with a distinct ring around their edges along your fairways and on your greens.

Brown patch can appear rather suddenly, with infections more likely to occur during periods of warm night temperatures and wet summer weather conditions like rain, overcast and thunderstorms.

Large brown patch, which is caused by the same pathogen as brown patch, exhibits similar symptoms, but primarily affects warm-season grasses in the fall and spring.

While the disease affects turf areas in shade and full sun, brown patch symptoms are much more severe around trees and areas with poor air circulation.

To help manage brown patch on your turf, follow these best practices to ensure your turf is healthy:

  • Reduce the amount of time that turf canopy is wet
  • Ensure turf dries completely between syringing cycles
  • Time irrigation to keep leaf wetness duration at a minimum
  • Utilize proper drainage and air circulation systems and techniques

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