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Leaf Spot

Leaf spot is caused by the fungi Drechslera Spp and Bipolaris Spp, which affect turfgrasses during the spring and fall months when the ground is cool and wet.

Bipolaris will cause purple-stained lesions on the blades and can cause major turf thinning when the fungi are met with hot, humid summer air. Drechslera will attack single blades of grass until the warm summer months cause a “melting out” of the turf, leaving large, red oval patches of grass on your turf.

While maintaining healthy turf is important in combating all diseases, the following best practices can help prevent and manage leaf spot:

  • Avoid overuse of fungicides to prevent disease resistance
  • Mow turfgrasses frequently and at recommended maximum height
  • Soak soils during periods of dry weather

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