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White Grubs

These small, white crawlers feed on the roots of turfgrasses, and if not controlled, can destroy root systems, leading to sections of wilting and browning.

White grubs are the larvae of various types of beetles and do most of their damage in the spring and fall when they feed near the surface. Brown grass or areas that feel soft and spongy when walked on can indicate a white grub infestation.

Turf may eventually die after white grubs have eaten away at root systems and secondary damage can be caused by animals pulling back turfgrass to search for grubs to eat.

Keeping your turf well-maintained is important in preventing white grub damage, as well-watered, healthy turf will have more roots and the ability to withstand damage more effectively. However, too much water can encourage eggs to hatch and bring them to the surface to feed.

Balance soil moisture by watering deeply, but infrequently, and boost your turf’s resistance to white grub through aeration and fertilizer use.

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