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FOURSOME™ is a unique, pigment additive formulation designed to enhance and extend the aesthetic appearance of your turf site following a pesticide application.


Key Benefits

  • When used as a spray pattern indicator, FOURSOME™ helps ensure uniform application of the pesticide.
  • Supports a consistent turf response to the plant protection product you have applied.
  • Use of FOURSOME™ may reduce oxidative and UV damage to turf.

Non PMRA regulated product. Do not need to report use.


Case is 4 X 3.78 L


Can be used with commonly used turf protection products.


Store in cool dry area away from feed and foodstuffs.


All golf course related cool-season grasses, including bentgrasses, bluegrasses, fescue grasses, ryegrasses and their mixtures.


For optimal performance, use 1.1–1.5 L of FOURSOME™ per hectare of turf with 1.2 L /ha suggested as the initial rate. At 1.2 L per ha, a jug will treat 3.15 ha or 7.8 acres.


FOURSOME™ Turf Pigment stimulates the plant’s natural metabolism and can improve turf’s color, density, vigor, consistency and strength, from the inside out. Unlike dyes and paints, FOURSOME™ is a Pigment which is absorbed into the plant for longer lasting affects. FOURSOME™ also improves sports turf and golf course playability, and when applied in late winter/early spring can improve the consistency of spring green up and turf grass transition. FOURSOME™ can be tank-mixed with most Fungicides to improve disease efficacy.

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