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T-NEX® ME regulates turf grass growth for streamlined management, including reduced mowing and grass clippings. T-NEX® ME makes it easier to tackle difficult areas to mow such as sloped banks, and can minimize the need for edging. Growth regulation begins within 3–5 days of application.


Key Benefits

  • Impedes vertical shoot growth.
  • Promotes rich colour, lateral stem and robust root mass development.
  • Stimulates production of healthy, durable blades in turfgrass.
  • Odourless microemulsion concentrate.
  • Compatible with other pesticides and liquid fertilizers.
  • Strengthens turf to withstand seasonal stresses, like extreme summer heat and drought conditions.
  • Rainfast in three hours.

2 x 5 L jugs/case

Active Ingredient


Same Active Ingredient As:
Primo Maxx®


Store in cool dry area away from feed and foodstuffs. Keep from freezing.

Mode of Action

Slows production of gibberellic acid, a hormone that promotes cell elongation in plants.


11.3% microemulsion concentrate
(113 g a.i. per L)


See label for specific uses and rates.


The active ingredient trinexapac-ethyl is absorbed by turf grass and slows the production of gibberellic acid, the hormone promoting cell elongation in plants. The use of T-NEX® ME will help the turf develop a better root system and a thicker, stronger turf canopy than untreated turf.

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